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Billy Row, Roddymoor and Stanley Crook

Population: 1,790
Policed by: Durham Constabulary

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High    Medium    Low      Billy Row, Roddymoor and Stanley Crook

Neighbourhood Picture

The following table and graphs show you crime and ASB breakdowns and trends for Billy Row, Roddymoor and Stanley Crook.

ASBBurglaryRobberyVehicleViolentDrugsCD&AShopliftingBike TheftTheft From the PersonOther TheftWeaponsPublic OrderOtherTotal
Sep 201515001600000100023
Aug 20158000303000000014
Jul 2015210010100010006
Jun 2015500000000000005
May 2015400010000020007
Apr 20156100401000000012
Mar 20156002423000100018
Feb 2015300010000000004
Jan 2015410000000000005
Dec 2014410000000000005
Nov 20146200001000100010
Oct 20144002202000000010
Sep 2014610000000000007
Aug 201410001400000200017
Jul 20147000110000100010
Jun 2014810000000000009
May 2014700010000000109
Apr 2014110022100000007
Mar 2014100120200010007
Feb 2014300210000000006
Jan 2014300002100010007
Dec 2013300020100020008
Nov 2013310000200000006
Oct 20139001111000100014
Sep 2013600110000000019
Aug 20137100201000300014
Jul 201316000201000000019
Jun 201311000002000100014
May 2013700000010000008
Apr 20134102002111012
Mar 2013300000001004
Feb 20137000202001012
Jan 201313301111000020
Dec 20126000201010010
Nov 2012200000401007
Oct 20122001202021111
Sep 2012230000001006
Aug 2012500000000106
Jul 20128101003010014
Jun 20127201100010012
May 20128001101000011
Apr 201210101001000013
Mar 201215101004000021
Feb 2012600000001018
Jan 2012300010001005
Dec 2011500100100007
Nov 2011600010100008
Oct 201114000002020018
Sep 201111001100001014
Aug 2011201000223
Jul 2011151003120
Jun 201183000112
May 2011121002217
Apr 2011201011326
Mar 2011173011628
Feb 20116002019
Jan 2011132010420
Dec 20100100023

Crime Plus ASB Breakdown for Billy Row, Roddymoor and Stanley Crook

Crime Breakdown (Dec 2010-Sep 2015)
Crime Rate Trends

Crime Type and ASB Charts for Billy Row, Roddymoor and Stanley Crook

All Crime + ASB
All Crime (No ASB)
Anti-Social Behaviour
Vehicle Crime
Violent Crime
In September 2011, Other Crime was divided into 6 categories - Drugs, Public Disorder & Weapons (which was later split further and so is not displayed here), Criminal Damage & Arson (CD&A), Theft - Shoplifting, Theft-Other and Other.

Criminal Damage and Arson
Theft - Shoplifting
Theft - Other
Miscelanious Other

From May 2013, the following changes were made to the crime categories:
I) The violent crime category was renamed "violence and sexual offences"
2) A new category for "bicycle theft" was created which previously fell within "other theft"
3) A new category for "theft from the person" was created which previously fell within "other theft"
4) Public disorder and weapons were then split into two new categories; "public order" and "possession of weapons"
5) Both "other firearms offences" and "other knives offences" which were in "other crime" were moved into "possession of weapons".

Bike Theft
Theft From the Person
Possession of Weapons
Public Order

The Economic Policy Centre has made every effort in order to ensure that the data for UkCrimeStats is accurate and up to date. However, we are aware of certain deficiencies in this data which are beyond our control. That's because as a 3rd party developer, we do not collect the data, the Police do who then hand it over to another data company to release to 3rd party developers such as ourselves. We only download and analyse it so that you can use it. For full detail of these deficiencies, please read here.

Neighbourhood crime league table

The league table below looks at the total crimes and crime rate for September 2015 that occurred in all neighbourhoods within 5 miles of Billy Row, Roddymoor and Stanley Crook and orders them by lowest crime rate first.

1Cornsay (3.51 miles)21.27
2Esh And Langley Park (4.81 miles)122.48
3Brancepeth (3.15 miles)12.69
4New Brancepeth And Alum Waters (4.59 miles)74.04
5Esh Winning, Waterhouses And Hamilton Row (2.63 miles)184.67
6Brandon (4.88 miles)426.51
7Crook Town (1.08 miles)707.33
8Sunnybrow And Hunwick (3.24 miles)228.45
9Howden-le-wear, North Bitchburn, High Grange And Wilton-le-wear (2.55 miles)258.94
10Tow Law (1.74 miles)2811.03
11Willington And Oakenshaw (2.76 miles)6912.12
12Billy Row, Roddymoor And Stanley Crook (0.00 miles)2312.85
13Bishop Auckland Town And Toronto (4.97 miles)10122.46

Neighbourhood Team

1Darren PhillipsSergeant[email protected]  
2Ellis HutchinsonPolice Constable[email protected]  
3Mike GraceyPolice Community Support Officer[email protected]  
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