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Population: 5,364
Policed by: Nottinghamshire Police
This neighourhood has been discontinued, therefore no monthly crime data is available

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The Economic Policy Centre has made every effort in order to ensure that the data for UkCrimeStats is accurate and up to date. However, we are aware of certain deficiencies in this data which are beyond our control. That's because as a 3rd party developer, we do not collect the data, the Police do who then hand it over to another data company to release to 3rd party developers such as ourselves. We only download and analyse it so that you can use it. For full detail of these deficiencies, please read here.

Neighbourhood crime league table

The league table below looks at the total crimes and crime rate for February 2015 that occurred in all neighbourhoods within 5 miles of Carrington and orders them by lowest crime rate first.

1Gedling, Burton Joyce And Villages (3.59 miles)663.03
2Eastwood South (4.32 miles)603.68
3Carlton And Porchester (2.26 miles)1394.21
4Wollaton & Lenton Abbey (3.62 miles)1084.37
5West Bridgford (3.79 miles)1864.49
6Beeston (4.53 miles)1024.79
7Hucknall (4.76 miles)1655.14
8Daybrook And Bonington (2.01 miles)605.15
9Arnold & Woodthorpe (2.10 miles)1525.37
10Leen Valley (2.51 miles)667.44
11Clifton (4.84 miles)2117.86
12Mapperley & Wells (0.50 miles)1318.27
13Aspley (2.72 miles)1498.46
14Bestwood (1.69 miles)1448.60
15Dunkirk & Lenton (3.39 miles)999.07
16Bilborough (3.36 miles)1649.77
17Basford (1.62 miles)16410.12
18Bulwell Forest (2.27 miles)13810.14
19Meadows (2.83 miles)10110.36
20Sherwood (0.44 miles)16810.90
21Berridge (0.88 miles)19011.10
22Radford & Park (1.82 miles)23411.21
23Sneinton And Dales (2.18 miles)19111.40
24St Ann's (1.34 miles)17611.85
25Bulwell (3.03 miles)19912.32
26Arboretum (1.44 miles)27718.92
27City Centre (2.00 miles)75963.43

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