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Dorset Police 

Phone: 01305 222 222
Population: 752,525

Dorset Police is one of the highest performing Police Services in the United Kingdom.
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ASBBurglaryRobberyVehicleViolentDrugsCD&AShopliftingBike TheftTheft From the PersonOther TheftWeaponsPublic OrderOtherTotal
Sep 20151,77139511317909153503358110454541895325,171
Aug 20152,18737410329955133474346118475112381285,616
Jul 20152,333377323688981124993291217049019102235,773
Jun 20152,0703631729690688516367138604781376295,417
May 20151,967296173426769542830283333741567194,714
Apr 20151,85632173098199850437384344821894315,030
Mar 20151,99435513323804110484394882243418102345,175
Feb 20151,752340162476757541230276193362167254,363
Jan 20151,719419133427099743932966373592368214,641
Dec 20141,620464193017258844927777383751076204,539
Nov 20141,817411133246939350429780364081787174,797
Oct 20142,163305102856509351034199354521385315,072
Sep 20142,34134113298701107496355104384261581195,335
Aug 20142,39233713320702914932691262751720112215,440
Jul 20142,79839914350721165481289133375462791286,079
Jun 20142,393384725273873475270129354331579285,311
May 20142,4303831832658362534325127434261478235,372
Apr 20142,3953421425055074490282104344122183205,071
Mar 20142,409406142605359051834288434321658255,236
Feb 20141,811437122905136546830973393991457154,502
Jan 20141,81644010383535885072946642381762244,655
Dec 20131,95037312296527825362296260437958204,651
Nov 20131,975416193324937155336110136416983254,890
Oct 20132,3834841435947459495340143654381463225,353
Sep 20132,5633942135546974532313177604802282235,565
Aug 20133,0194492139956387563353204616112291176,460
Jul 20133,455395113175075851034317452678899356,642
Jun 20132,8983801138551962593340151525001586236,015
May 20132,7173861739349759529381156545171586245,831
Apr 20132,414428163964426058230460589475,383
Mar 20132,379466264175168351930566670465,493
Feb 20132,050453204504825558633963479515,199
Jan 20132,235381153995185453129359886435,153
Dec 20122,173405143395446661024958366455,094
Nov 20122,5094411235552394652342694102735,797
Oct 20122,65543521345531805963117181091015,902
Sep 20122,90340513500533130613270692130996,288
Aug 20123,565426154436001165973028461061097,125
Jul 20123,2574299483554118613260740991096,671
Jun 20122,76047210403519101591253761102756,047
May 20123,147459174015421275963188721131146,706
Apr 20122,6993871642048911359124074391915,880
Mar 20123,1134321837553112155828275089936,362
Feb 20122,4723949379432119515279699931135,504
Jan 20122,4444931536058812559428869585835,770
Dec 20112,45853918342621137630350715921166,018
Nov 20112,86650813418673181662313823971406,694
Oct 20113,275438193776591136262968101201196,852
Sep 20113,182473243245741156222649021221316,733
Aug 20113,856414144247352,4907,933
Jul 20114,060426234018092,6768,395
Jun 20113,545429283917212,3947,508
May 20113,583431203807672,5597,740
Apr 20113,720407183667732,2707,554
Mar 20113,385469273917422,3047,318
Feb 20112,938491243716752,2016,700
Jan 20112,938508183537002,0916,608
Dec 20103,043431232707141,7686,249

The Economic Policy Centre has made every effort in order to ensure that the data for UkCrimeStats is accurate and up to date. However, we are aware of certain deficiencies in this data which are beyond our control. That's because as a 3rd party developer, we do not collect the data, the Police do who then hand it over to another data company to release to 3rd party developers such as ourselves. We only download and analyse it so that you can use it. For full detail of these deficiencies, please read here.

Crime Plus ASB Breakdown for Dorset Police

Crime Breakdown (Dec 2010-Sep 2015)
Crime Rate Trends

Crime Type and ASB Charts for Dorset Police

All Crime + ASB
All Crime (No ASB)
Anti-Social Behaviour
Vehicle Crime
Violent Crime
In September 2011, Other Crime was divided into 6 categories - Drugs, Public Disorder & Weapons (which was later split further and so is not displayed here), Criminal Damage & Arson (CD&A), Theft - Shoplifting, Theft-Other and Other.

Criminal Damage and Arson
Theft - Shoplifting
Theft - Other
Miscelanious Other

From May 2013, the following changes were made to the crime categories:
I) The violent crime category was renamed "violence and sexual offences"
2) A new category for "bicycle theft" was created which previously fell within "other theft"
3) A new category for "theft from the person" was created which previously fell within "other theft"
4) Public disorder and weapons were then split into two new categories; "public order" and "possession of weapons"
5) Both "other firearms offences" and "other knives offences" which were in "other crime" were moved into "possession of weapons".

Bike Theft
Theft From the Person
Possession of Weapons
Public Order

Police Ranks

September 2015

Police Community Support Officer136
Police Constable88
Special Constable1

77 Neighbourhoods

September 2015

1Beaminster Rural Safer Neighbourhood Team9,151
2Bearwood Safer Neighbourhood Team6,282
3Blandford Old Town Safer Neighbourhood Team1,634
4Blandford Rural North Safer Neighbourhood Team8,431
5Blandford Rural South Safer Neighbourhood Team11,120
6Blandford Town Safer Neighbourhood Team7,108
7Bournemouth Central Safer Neighbourhood Team7,277
8Bridport Rural East Safer Neighbourhood Team9,151
9Bridport Town Safer Neighbourhood Team6,295
10Broadstone And Merley Safer Neighbourhood Team16,550
11Canford Heath Safer Neighbourhood Team14,413
12Charminster And Queens Park Safer Neighbourhood Team9,743
13Chickerell Safer Neighbourhood Team9,474
14Christchurch Town Centre Safer Neighbourhood Team3,609
15Colehill Safer Neighbourhood Team7,043
16Corfe Mullen Safer Neighbourhood Team10,158
17Cranborne And Alderholt Safer Neighbourhood Team4,999
18Creekmoor Safer Neighbourhood Team9,267
19Dorchester East Safer Neighbourhood Team9,413
20Dorchester North Safer Neighbourhood Team3,501
21Dorchester South Safer Neighbourhood Team12,710
22Dorchester West Safer Neighbourhood Team11,159
23East Cliff, Springbourne And Boscombe West Safer Neighbourhood Team18,341
24Ferndown Central Safer Neighbourhood Team15,422
25Gillingham Rural Safer Neighbourhood Team5,233
26Gillingham Town Safer Neighbourhood Team6,869
27Hamworthy Safer Neighbourhood Team12,187
28Heatherlands And Ferndown Links Safer Neighbourhood Team4,773
29Highcliffe And Walkford Safer Neighbourhood Team6,566
30Kinson North Safer Neighbourhood Team9,709
31Leigh Park Safer Neighbourhood Team1,598
32Littledown And Boscombe East Safer Neighbourhood Team18,978
33Littlemoor Safer Neighbourhood Team3,635
34Lyme Regis Safer Neighbourhood Team3,512
35Lytchett Minster And Upton Safer Neighbourhood Team7,576
36Marshwood Vale Safer Neighbourhood Team7,002
37Melcombe Regis Safer Neighbourhood Team5,510
38Meyrick And Talbot Safer Neighbourhood Team8,698
39Moordown Safer Neighbourhood Team9,670
40Mudeford And West Highcliffe Safer Neighbourhood Team10,263
41Newtown And Branksome Safer Neighbourhood Team23,359
42North Christchurch Safer Neighbourhood Team7,656
43Northbourne And Wallisdown Safer Neighbourhood Team18,400
44Parkstone, Penn Hill And Canford Cliffs Safer Neighbourhood Team27,493
45Poole Town Oakdale Safer Neighbourhood Team18,901
46Portfield And Jumpers Safer Neighbourhood Team7,952
47Portland Safer Neighbourhood Team12,773
48Potterne And Three Legged Cross Safer Neighbourhood Team2,572
49Purewell And Stanpit Safer Neighbourhood Team4,072
50Radipole Safer Neighbourhood Team11,914
51Rossmore And Alderney Safer Neighbourhood Team11,189
52Shaftesbury Rural Safer Neighbourhood Team4,274
53Shaftesbury Town Safer Neighbourhood Team6,666
54Sherborne Rural Safer Neighbourhood Team7,525
55Sherborne Town Safer Neighbourhood Team9,350
56Southbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team17,478
57Stour Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team3,512
58Strouden Park Safer Neighbourhood Team5,655
59Sturminster Newton Rural Safer Neighbourhood Team7,025
60Swanage Rural Safer Neighbourhood Team3,584
61Swanage Town Safer Neighbourhood Team10,146
62The Grange Safer Neighbourhood Team4,719
63Throop And Muscliff Safer Neighbourhood Team8,407
64Townsend Safer Neighbourhood Team3,306
65Verwood Safer Neighbourhood Team11,093
66Wareham North Safer Neighbourhood Team8,378
67Wareham Town Safer Neighbourhood Team5,667
68Wareham West Safer Neighbourhood Team9,086
69West Howe Safer Neighbourhood Team8,239
70West Moors, St Leonards And St Ives Safer Neighbourhood Team13,847
71Westbourne And West Cliff Safer Neighbourhood Team8,637
72Westham Safer Neighbourhood Team11,916
73Weymouth East Safer Neighbourhood Team3,523
74Wimborne Rural Safer Neighbourhood Team7,235
75Wimborne Town Safer Neighbourhood Team5,019
76Winton Safer Neighbourhood Team9,544
77Wyke Regis Safer Neighbourhood Team10,662

Police Stations

As reported by the API in September 2015. Note: The API data for police stations is very incomplete.

 AddressPost CodeNeighbourhoods
11 School Road GillinghamSP8 4QR4
25 Madeira Road BournemouthBH1 1QQ2
3599 Wimborne Road Winton BournemouthBH9 2AS16
4599 Wimborne Road Winton Bournemouth BH9 2AS1
5Ameysford Road FerndownBH22 9HQ6
6Argyle Road SwanageBH19 1HZ2
7Barrack Road ChristchurchBH23 1PN13
8Digby Road Sherborne  API data incompleteDT9 3NL2
9Gloucester Road Boscombe.  API data incompleteBH7 6JA3
10Granville Gardens Shaftesbury  API data incompleteSP7 8DF6
11Gravel Hill 1 Canford Heath Road Poole  API data incompleteBH17 9NG1
12Gravel Hill 1 Canford Heath Road PooleBH17 9NG7
13Hanham Road WimborneBH21 1AS9
14Hill Road Lyme RegisDT7 3PG1
15Radipole Lane Chickerell WeymouthDT4 9WW8
16Salisbury Road Blandford DorsetDT11 7HR5
17Station Road VerwoodBH31 7PU6
18Tannery Road Bridport DorsetDT6 3TP3
19Tannery Road BridportDT6 3TP2
20Weymouth Avenue DorchesterDT1 1QZ4
21Wimborne Road Poole  API data incompleteBH15 2BP6
22Worgret Road Wareham  API data incompleteBH20 4PW6

Note: If the Police.UK API data is incomplete (indicated above, if applicable) the Police station may not show on this map:
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