Catalyst Housing Limited

Industrial and Provident Society (Company)
Ealing Gateway, 26-30, Uxbridge Road, Ealing, London W5 2AU
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Purchase DateAddressPostcodePriceDuration
2021-12-14Bushane Court 33 and Millwards Court 37 Greyhound Parade, London?Freehold
2021-09-24land on the north east side of Soulbury Road, Leighton Buzzard?Freehold
2021-09-24land lying to the north of Soulbury Road, Leighton Buzzard?Freehold
2021-04-08land at Blackbird Leys?Freehold
2021-04-08Community Centre, Creche and Offices at Blackbird Leys, Oxford?Freehold
2021-04-08land lying to the west of Kestrel Crescent, Oxford?Freehold
2021-04-08land lying to the west of Nightingale Avenue, Blackbird Leys?Freehold
2021-04-08Land on the south side of Dunnock Way, Oxford?Leasehold
2021-03-23Block 1, Plough Lane, London£9,103,125Leasehold
2021-03-23Block 2, Plough Lane, London£9,399,665Leasehold
2021-02-04Apartments 20-60 (even), Gatekeeper House, Baynhams Drive, Oxford (OX2 8FL)OX28FL£1,192,033Freehold
2021-02-02Flat 50, Merle Court, 182 Carlton Vale, London (NW6 5HH)NW65HH£435,000Leasehold
2020-11-1032, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 And, 44 Collett Drive, Oxford (OX2 8FU)OX28FU£622,989Freehold
2020-09-16Flat 94, Dan Court, 5 Lakeside Drive, Park Royal, London (NW10 7FX)NW107FX£147,000Leasehold
2020-09-15land at Buffalo Field, Cambridge Road, Puckeridge, Ware?Freehold
2020-07-03Land at North Weald Golf Club, Rayley Lane, North Weald, Epping?Freehold
2020-05-22Land on the north side of Thorn Road, Houghton Regis, Dunstable?Freehold
2020-02-25Flat 132, Dan Court, 5 Lakeside Drive, Park Royal, London (NW10 7FX)NW107FX£525,000Leasehold
2020-02-04land lying to the east of Rayley Lane, North Weald, Epping?Freehold
2020-01-21142a Park Lane, Hayes (UB4 8AG)UB48AG?Leasehold
2019-12-131 To 4 (inclusive), Robin Close, Caddington, Luton (LU1 4FX)LU14FX?Freehold
2019-12-1310 To 12 (inclusive) And 14 To 18 (inclusive), Robin Close, Caddington, Luton (LU1 4FX)LU14FX?Freehold
2019-12-1231 Lovell Road, Bedford (MK42 0LR)MK420LR?Freehold
2019-12-1286 Bunyan Road, Kempston, Bedford (MK42 8EX)MK428EX£400,000Freehold
2019-12-121 to 13 (inclusive) St Christophers Place, Luton (LU3 1FG)LU31FG£171,628Freehold
2019-12-1260 Hastings Road, Kempston, Bedford (MK42 7HT)MK427HT£52,000Freehold
2019-12-1279 to 91(odd), Springfield Drive, Bromham, Bedford (MK43 8NX)MK438NX?Freehold
2019-12-121 to 12 (inclusive) and 14 to 31 (inclusive) Montgomery Court, 50 Walcourt Road, Kempston, Bedford (MK42 8SY)MK428SY?Freehold
2019-12-12Union Chapel House, 43 Castle Street, Luton (LU1 3AR)LU13AR?Freehold
2019-12-1253 Church Lane, Bedford (MK41 0AR)MK410AR?Freehold
2019-12-12109 Stewartby Way, Stewartby, Bedford (MK43 9LL)MK439LL£42,500Freehold
2019-12-1295 Marlborough Road, Bedford (MK40 4LE)MK404LE?Freehold
2019-12-1218 Sandon Close, Sandy (SG19 1QT)SG191QT£151,000Freehold
2019-12-121 to 12 (inclusive), 12A and 14 to 18 (inclusive) Plymouth Close, Luton (LU2 0RA)LU20RA?Freehold
2019-12-1220 to 23 (inclusive), 25, 26 and 28 to 31 (inclusive) Brookfield Avenue, Houghton Regis (LU5 5TS)LU55TS?Freehold
2019-12-1241 High Street, Henlow (SG16 6AA)SG166AA£740,000Freehold
2019-12-1211 to 16 (inclusive) School Lane, Luton (LU4 9QS)LU49QS?Freehold
2019-12-122 to 31 (inclusive) Cutlers Green, Luton (LU2 8UN)LU28UN?Freehold
2019-12-125 to 11 (odd) and 25 to 39 (odd) Engayne Avenue, 4 to 9 (inclusive) Talisman Close, Sandy?Freehold
2019-12-1211 and 15 to 29 (odd) Eleanor Close, Woburn (MK17 9QU)MK179QU?Freehold
2019-12-121 to 24 (inclusive) Angel View, Elstow Road, Bedford (MK42 9PF)MK429PF?Freehold
2019-12-12land on the south side of Downs Road, Luton?Freehold
2019-12-121 to 12 (inclusive) and 15 to 22 (inclusive) Thorntondale, Luton (LU4 9XT)LU49XT?Freehold
2019-12-1217 Yately Close, Luton (LU2 7HF)LU27HF?Freehold
2019-12-12Land on the west side of Bedford Road, Sandy?Freehold
2019-12-1214 Yately Close, Luton (LU2 7HF)LU27HF?Freehold
2019-12-1211 Yately Close, Luton and parking space (LU2 7HF)LU27HF?Freehold
2019-12-1212 Brookfield Avenue, Houghton Regis, Dunstable and parking space (LU5 5TS)LU55TS?Leasehold
2019-12-122 Brookfield Walk, and 6 and 74 Brookfield Avenue, Houghton Regis?Freehold
2019-12-12Gurney Court, School Lane, Eaton Bray?Freehold
2019-12-127 College Road, Sandy (SG19 1RJ)SG191RJ£145,000Freehold
2019-12-1272 Astwood Drive, Flitwick, Bedford (MK45 1HW)MK451HW?Freehold
2019-12-121 - 22 Arran Court, Rothesay Road, Luton?Freehold
2019-12-1245 Winchester Road, Sandy (SG19 1RG)SG191RG£119,000Freehold
2019-12-12Philip Larkin House, The Avenue, Bedford?Freehold
2019-12-121 to 18 Stone Close and 48 and 50 Great Portway, Great Denham?Freehold
2019-12-12land on the south side of Eagle Farm Road, Biggleswade?Freehold
2019-12-12LAND LYING TO THE SOUTH OF St Johns Road, Arlesey?Freehold
2019-12-1223 College Road, Sandy (SG19 1RJ)SG191RJ£147,500Freehold
2019-12-1257-71 (odds) and 52-58 (evens) Kathie Road, Bedford?Freehold
2019-12-1225A and 27A Bridge Street and 1 Friday Street, Leighton Buzzard (LU7 1AH)LU71AH?Leasehold
2019-12-12LAND AT THE REAR OF 141 New Town Street, Luton?Freehold
2019-12-12the site of the former garages, Penhill Luton?Freehold
2019-12-12Land lying on the south side of Keysoe Road, Little Staughton?Leasehold
2019-12-12land on the South side of Wingate Road, Luton?Freehold
2019-12-1220 to 23, land and garages on the north side of Ambleside, Luton, (LU3 2SF)LU32SF?Freehold
2019-12-12LAND AT Union Street, Dunstable?Freehold
2019-12-125-22 Newtondale, Luton (LU4 9YD)LU49YD?Freehold
2019-12-129 College Road, Sandy (SG19 1RJ)SG191RJ?Freehold
2019-12-1241-53 (odd) Goodman Drive, Leighton Buzzard?Freehold
2019-12-121 and 3 Flint Way, Leighton Buzzard (LU7 4US) and 1-10 (inclusive) and 12 Cooper Drive, Leighton Buzzard (LU7 4UU)LU74US?Freehold
2019-12-121 to 10 (inclusive), Guilas Close, Kempston (MK42 7BF)MK427BF?Freehold
2019-12-12land on the east side of Old Bridge Way, Shefford?Freehold
2019-12-12Land on the north side of Sandringham Drive, Houghton Regis?Freehold
2019-12-12Land on the north side of High Street, Clophill?Freehold
2019-12-12land and buildings on the south west side of Charles Street, Luton (LU2 0EB)LU20EB?Leasehold
2019-12-12Land on the north west side of Tavistock Street, Dunstable£3,600,000Freehold
2019-12-12Land at Arlesey Road, Henlow?Freehold
2019-12-12165 to 173 (odd) London Road and 1 to 18 (inclusive) Finsbury Place and 1 to 41 (inclusive) Brockwell Place, London Road, Dunstable?Freehold
2019-12-123-7 Gaskell Place, Stotfold, Hitchin (SG5 4GX)SG54GX?Freehold
2019-12-1233-49 (odd) Dickens Boulevard, Stotfold, Hitchin (SG5 4FD) and 1,2,6,7,8 and 9 Doyle Place, Stotfold, Hitchin (SG5 4BF)SG54FD?Freehold
2019-12-129 Lambert Close, Stopsley, Luton (LU2 8BQ)LU28BQ£194,280Freehold
2019-12-1210 Lambert Close, Stopsley, Luton (LU2 8BQ)LU28BQ£212,270Freehold
2019-12-122 Lambert Close, Stopsley, Luton (LU2 8BQ)LU28BQ£215,869Freehold
2019-12-121 Lambert Close, Stopsley, Luton (LU2 8BQ)LU28BQ£214,105Freehold
2019-12-1213 Lambert Close, Stopsley, Luton (LU2 8BQ)LU28BQ£215,869Freehold
2019-12-125 Lambert Close, Stopsley, Luton (LU2 8BQ)LU28BQ£215,869Freehold
2019-12-126 Lambert Close, Stopsley, Luton (LU2 8BQ)LU28BQ£145,000Freehold
2019-12-127 Lambert Close, Stopsley, Luton (LU2 8BQ)LU28BQ£215,869Freehold
2019-12-1214 Lambert Close, Stopsley, Luton (LU2 8BQ)LU28BQ£215,869Freehold
2019-12-1265 River View, Shefford (SG17 5FN)SG175FN?Leasehold
2019-12-12109 River View, Shefford (SG17 5FN)SG175FN?Leasehold
2019-12-12108 River View, Shefford (SG17 5FN)SG175FN?Leasehold
2019-12-12111 River View, Shefford (SG17 5FN)SG175FN?Leasehold
2019-12-12110 River View, Shefford (SG17 5FN)SG175FN?Leasehold
2019-12-12114 River View, Shefford (SG17 5FN)SG175FN?Leasehold
2019-12-12112 River View, Shefford (SG17 5FN)SG175FN?Leasehold
2019-12-1231,42 and 43 River View, Shefford and parking spaces (SG17 5FL)SG175FL?Freehold
2019-12-1225 to 30 (inclusive) River View, Shefford and parking spaces (SG17 5FL)SG175FL?Freehold
2019-12-1276 to 90 (inclusive), River View, Shefford (SG17 5FN)SG175FN?Freehold