Basildon Borough Council

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Basildon Centre, St. Martins Square, Basildon SS14 1DL
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Purchase DateAddressPostcodePriceDuration
2022-11-24Land on the north side of 21 Thistledown, Basildon (SS14 1JU)SS141JU?Freehold
2022-08-2330 Moretons, Basildon (SS13 3LS)SS133LS£255,000Freehold
2022-08-15Unit 6, Sears Retail Park, Oakenshaw Road, Shirley, Solihull (B90 4QY)B904QY£11,365,000Freehold
2022-08-0887 Newington Causeway, London (SE1 6BD)SE16BD?Leasehold
2022-05-3157 Little Searles, Pitsea, Basildon, (SS13 1NE)SS131NE£220,000Freehold
2022-04-06Acorn House, Great Oaks, Basildon (SS14 1EH)SS141EH£17,532,760Freehold
2022-03-31Wickford Business and Community Park, Shotgate, Wickford£11,270,000Freehold
2022-02-1510 Delhi Road, Basildon (SS13 2EH)SS132EH£320,000Freehold
2021-12-3123 Knights, Basildon (SS15 5LE)SS155LE£235,000Freehold
2021-11-195 Rivertons, Basildon (SS16 4UY)SS164UY£295,000Freehold
2021-10-28318 The Knares, Basildon (SS16 5SW)SS165SW£265,000Freehold
2021-10-0449 Gladwyns, Basildon (SS15 5HZ)SS155HZ£245,000Freehold
2021-09-0139 Rowenhall, Laindon, Basildon (SS15 6SE)SS156SE£262,000Freehold
2021-08-02103 Hereford Walk, Basildon (SS14 3RF)SS143RF£148,000Leasehold
2021-07-2720 Wynters, Basildon (SS16 5DG)SS165DG£310,000Freehold
2021-07-0821 Church Mews, Claremont Road, Basildon (SS15 5QJ)SS155QJ£105,000Leasehold
2021-07-0716 Woodstock Gardens, Laindon, Basildon (SS15 6LQ)SS156LQ£90,000Leasehold
2021-07-0217 Church Park Road, Pitsea, Basildon (SS13 3BP)SS133BP£287,000Freehold
2021-06-106 High Barrets, Basildon (SS14 1TR)SS141TR£120,000Leasehold
2021-06-098 Tallis Road, Basildon (SS15 5QZ)SS155QZ£280,000Freehold
2021-05-2692 Great Knightleys, Basildon, (SS15 5AP)SS155AP£285,000Freehold
2021-05-2028 Littlebury Court, Basildon (SS13 1RG)SS131RG£160,000Leasehold
2021-05-0617 Panfields, Basildon (SS15 6QF)SS156QF£270,000Freehold
2021-04-13120 Alderney Gardens, Wickford (SS11 7JP)SS117JP£280,000Freehold
2021-04-1271 Nether Priors, Basildon (SS14 1LS)SS141LS£275,000Freehold
2021-04-1217 School Road, Billericay (CM12 9LH)CM129LH£330,000Freehold
2021-04-0145 Bardfield, Basildon (SS16 4JN)SS164JN£285,000Freehold
2021-02-22Land lying to the north of Burnt Mills Road, Basildon?Freehold
2021-02-22Lympstone, Burnt Mills Road, Basildon (SS13 1DT)SS131DT£2,000,000Freehold
2021-02-22Land on the north side of Burnt Mills Road, Basildon?Freehold
2021-02-22Lympstone, Burnt Mills Road, Basildon (SS13 1DT)SS131DT?Freehold
2021-02-22Lympstone, Burnt Mills Road, Basildon (SS13 1DT)SS131DT?Freehold
2021-02-157 Rectory Court, Rectory Road, Pitsea, Basildon (SS13 1HD)SS131HD£250,000Freehold
2021-02-0851 Tinkler Side, Basildon (SS14 1LE)SS141LE£240,000Freehold
2021-01-2710 Littlebury Court, Basildon (SS13 1RG)SS131RG?Leasehold
2021-01-2521 Trindehay, Basildon (SS15 5DL)SS155DL£250,000Freehold
2021-01-2529 Bartlow End, Basildon storage shed and binstore (SS13 1PQ)SS131PQ£173,000Leasehold
2021-01-2142 Knights, Basildon (SS15 5LE)SS155LE£240,000Freehold
2021-01-209 Downey Close, Basildon (SS14 2NF)SS142NF£255,000Freehold
2021-01-0536 Knights, Basildon (SS15 5LE)SS155LE£240,000Freehold
2020-11-3021 Beambridge Mews, Basildon (SS13 3LQ)SS133LQ£210,000Freehold
2020-11-19Land and Buildings on the South-West side of Heathfield Way, Northampton?Freehold
2020-09-28126 Woolmer Green, Basildon (SS15 5LR)SS155LR£226,500Freehold
2020-09-15Tesco Extra And Tesco Petrol Filling Station, St James Road, St James Industrial Estate, Corby?Leasehold
2020-09-0856 Market Avenue, Wickford (SS12 0AB)SS120AB£175,000Leasehold
2020-09-084 Market Avenue, Wickford (SS12 0AB)SS120AB£160,000Leasehold
2020-09-017 Trianon Court, Rectory Road, Pitsea, Basildon (SS13 1BE)SS131BE£65,000Leasehold
2020-08-2177 Littlebury Green, Basildon (SS13 1RF)SS131RF£70,000Leasehold
2020-07-2920 Tallis Road, Basildon (SS15 5QZ)SS155QZ£290,000Freehold
2020-07-231 Hollands Walk, Basildon (SS16 4QB)SS164QB£255,000Freehold
2020-07-2220 Great Ranton, Pitsea, Basildon (SS13 1JP)SS131JP£235,000Freehold
2020-07-0982 Malyons Place, Basildon (SS13 1PS)SS131PS£226,000Freehold
2020-07-031 Rettendon View, Wickford (SS11 8HU)SS118HU£285,000Freehold
2020-06-05Land adjoining Valerie Lodge, High Road, Vange, Basildon (SS16 4TG)SS164TG?Freehold
2020-05-26Land on the east side of Old Church Road, Bowers Gifford, Basildon?Freehold
2020-05-01Great Oaks House, Great Oaks, Basildon (SS14 1JE)SS141JE?Freehold
2020-05-01Unit 1 And Unit 2, North Gunnels, Basildon (SS14 1HZ)SS141HZ£2,490,000Leasehold
2020-05-01Public House, Great Oaks, Basildon£2,490,000Leasehold
2020-04-1787 Shepeshall, Basildon (SS15 5EJ)SS155EJ£180,000Leasehold
2020-04-0654 Neville Shaw, Basildon bin store and storage shed (SS14 2AJ)SS142AJ£175,000Leasehold
2020-03-191-23 (odd) Market Pavement, and 1-4 South Walk, Basildon£5,150,000Freehold
2020-03-0664 Mistley Path, Basildon, (SS16 4AN)SS164AN£235,000Freehold
2020-02-1719 Puckleside, Basildon (SS16 5XD)SS165XD£140,000Leasehold
2020-01-2021 Fairlop Gardens, Basildon (SS14 1RE)SS141RE£235,000Freehold
2020-01-2048 Great Ranton, Pitsea, Basildon (SS13 1JP)SS131JP£230,000Freehold
2020-01-09Garage 47, Mynchens, Basildon?Freehold
2020-01-0952 Yardley, Basildon (SS15 5DG)SS155DG£245,000Freehold
2020-01-0725 East Square, Basildon (SS14 1HT)SS141HT£1,255,000Freehold
2019-12-3031 Wisteria Court, Basildon (SS15 5ZB)SS155ZB£135,000Leasehold
2019-12-201 Brooke House, Town Square, Basildon (SS14 1HX)SS141HX£115,000Leasehold
2019-12-17208 The Knares, Basildon and store (SS16 5SR)SS165SR£150,000Leasehold
2019-12-0623 and 25 Rosebay Avenue, Billericay (CM12 0GH)CM120GH?Freehold
2019-12-06land on the east side of Maplebrook Mews, Billericay?Freehold
2019-12-06Car Port, 25 Rosebay Avenue, Billericay (CM12 0GH)CM120GH?Leasehold
2019-12-0432 St Andrews Lane, Laindon, Basildon and store (SS15 5WH)SS155WH£145,000Leasehold
2019-12-049 Stebbings, Langdon Hills, Basildon (SS16 5XA)SS165XA£280,000Freehold
2019-12-046 Mallow Gardens, Billericay and storage shed (CM12 0ST)CM120ST£190,000Leasehold
2019-11-25Lion Lodge, London Road, Vange, Basildon (SS16 4QA)SS164QA£395,000Freehold
2019-05-07Land at East Square, Basildon?Freehold
2019-04-0438 Southwark Path, Basildon (SS14 3QN)SS143QN£130,000Leasehold
2019-02-20168 Beambridge, Basildon (SS13 3NE)SS133NE£210,000Freehold
2019-01-0319 Sains, Basildon and Garage 31, Markhams Chase, Basildon (SS15 5PB)SS155PB£210,000Freehold
2018-12-12Land at Market Square, Basildon?Leasehold
2018-12-03Midmoor House, Kew Road, Richmond (TW9 2NQ)TW92NQ£7,906,815Freehold
2018-12-03Land at Midmoor House, Kew Road, Richmond (TW9 2NQ)TW92NQ?Freehold
2018-10-3041 School Avenue, Laindon, Basildon (SS15 6GH)SS156GH£400,000Freehold
2018-10-26land on the north side of Pulteney Bridge, Bath?Leasehold
2018-10-269 Bridge Street, Bath (BA2 4AS)BA24AS£1,105,813Freehold
2018-10-2610 Bridge Street, Bath (BA2 4AS)BA24AS£1,105,813Freehold
2018-10-2612 Northgate Street and 11 Bridge Street, Bath as more particularly described in Schedule 1 of the registered lease£4,929,186Leasehold
2018-10-2612 Northgate Street and 11 Bridge Street, Bath£4,929,186Leasehold
2018-10-19Tunbridge Well Trade Park, Longfield Road, Tunbridge Wells (TN2 3QF)TN23QF£6,380,000Freehold
2018-10-18134 Long Lynderswood, Basildon (SS15 5BG)SS155BG£240,000Freehold
2018-10-17105 Lincoln Road, Basildon (SS14 3RA)SS143RA£230,000Freehold
2018-09-288 Paprills, Basildon, (SS16 5RH)SS165RH£250,000Freehold
2018-09-258 Brownlow Bend, Basildon (SS14 1QD)SS141QD£235,000Freehold
2018-09-20113 Eastbrooks Mews, Pitsea, Basildon (SS13 3QP)SS133QP£220,000Freehold
2018-09-06Land lying to the west of Market Road, Wickford?Leasehold
2018-09-0588 Gladwyns, Basildon (SS15 5JA)SS155JA£210,000Freehold
2018-08-30126 Wickford Place, Wickford Avenue, Basildon (SS13 3LB)SS133LB£225,000Freehold