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Greater Manchester Police   

Phone: 0161 872 5050
Population: 5,422,253

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ASBBurglaryRobberyVehicleViolentDrugsCD&AShopliftingBike TheftTheft From the PersonOther TheftWeaponsPublic OrderOtherTotal
Apr 201511,1252,2552941,9774,6383903,0191,4613353962,4211421,09633329,882
Mar 20159,8952,2713021,9744,4704702,8761,6063154352,23811497230728,245
Feb 20158,7312,3102921,8373,8615642,4921,3322874252,0609378633325,403
Jan 20158,9522,4733021,8853,8534602,2691,2572404352,0099773125825,221
Dec 20148,0232,3172681,9083,9695002,2131,2882805852,1818874526224,627
Nov 20149,6402,5553271,9254,1045402,6411,3334065862,16110077729227,387
Oct 201410,8682,5262981,9393,9805612,7881,3704904822,29712679723928,761
Sep 201411,2122,1782821,7253,7655352,4331,3035444422,22911481724227,821
Aug 201411,2972,3872991,6853,6275002,4501,3234974222,2169771725527,772
Jul 201413,3922,3062421,7254,1065552,5361,2874623482,36612684423930,534
Jun 201412,0162,1022761,7933,8815912,3331,2654074372,04912268322028,175
May 201411,4332,2623131,8913,6766342,4641,2313723432,03810867520727,647
Apr 201410,7992,3633391,8203,1855792,4041,2103593411,8739256817926,111
Mar 201410,2822,5643701,8313,0636972,5031,3013344242,01510160120226,288
Feb 20148,3242,4493281,7152,6765962,0571,2322713631,7149649819022,509
Jan 20148,7702,6143891,8012,7646782,1421,2572713791,8458553420023,729
Dec 20138,9872,4553421,8672,9686442,1801,2592645102,0528656421724,395
Nov 20139,7042,5983451,8732,7496832,2371,2664135021,9977657216625,181
Oct 201311,0892,7773621,9212,8717832,4461,3404744752,1267261219027,538
Sep 201310,6212,3803381,8662,5905452,2571,2044324561,89110757318825,448
Aug 201313,9362,4782891,9982,8015782,4421,2695273802,1169455015729,615
Jul 201314,8702,1292751,6942,9726752,2731,1574164052,19612264719230,023
Jun 201312,6372,2402921,8332,5776732,3161,2034214982,26110857416927,802
May 201312,0472,2492791,5642,6367582,4061,2363914172,01410756116626,831
Apr 201310,8922,3912951,6972,3847912,5281,2072,63754555825,925
Mar 201310,7812,3033191,7532,4677332,3321,2572,55258668725,770
Feb 20139,3052,2423221,7492,1937092,2341,1692,37947261923,393
Jan 201310,7972,5103251,7522,4907572,2011,0692,30455864825,411
Dec 20128,6252,4063311,6992,6417372,2171,0532,38556662323,283
Nov 20129,3132,7214101,8052,5758592,4501,1952,70061369125,332
Oct 201211,0152,5533991,9862,7168532,5661,1102,65367676627,293
Sep 201210,1132,2093611,6892,5817502,3021,0482,53567772924,994
Aug 201211,6642,2563041,5892,8757442,5791,1692,68074372827,331
Jul 201211,4152,3542841,6673,0637752,6811,2282,61082073227,629
Jun 201210,1742,2763211,5752,8057592,3971,1742,59971964725,446
May 201210,9222,2213181,7693,0549082,6741,2192,65184765727,240
Apr 20129,6412,2192971,6682,6838652,6391,1932,34874470024,997
Mar 201211,0212,4833231,7323,0109462,9891,3842,72580385328,269
Feb 20129,0822,3803351,6092,4709482,4741,1102,43868779324,326
Jan 20128,1052,6513771,8392,8649062,7181,1372,57766071824,552
Dec 20117,8262,5433221,5963,0499342,4361,2472,58067480124,008
Nov 20119,9382,5274211,7493,0231,0383,1541,3782,98381587427,900
Oct 201111,7772,5263731,8473,3799693,1191,2672,98484798630,074
Sep 201111,0052,5083161,7383,0399002,9031,2053,04687294028,472
Aug 201113,7532,6853451,8043,35410,02631,967
Jul 201115,2602,4813261,7233,1359,78432,709
Jun 201113,6102,4182991,7913,1169,60130,835
May 201113,0322,6263562,0433,19510,28331,535
Apr 201115,1662,5204312,0083,31110,16733,603
Mar 201113,0842,8044092,1483,20711,23232,884
Feb 201110,8962,6214601,9912,9319,54928,448
Jan 201111,1212,7844352,1193,1489,81829,425
Dec 201010,2532,4483731,7672,8338,45326,127

The Economic Policy Centre has made every effort in order to ensure that the data for UkCrimeStats is accurate and up to date. However, we are aware of certain deficiencies in this data which are beyond our control. That's because as a 3rd party developer, we do not collect the data, the Police do who then hand it over to another data company to release to 3rd party developers such as ourselves. We only download and analyse it so that you can use it. For full detail of these deficiencies, please read here.

Crime Plus ASB Breakdown for Greater Manchester Police

Crime Breakdown (Dec 2010-Apr 2015)
Crime Rate Trends

Crime Type and ASB Charts for Greater Manchester Police

All Crime + ASB
All Crime (No ASB)
Anti-Social Behaviour
Vehicle Crime
Violent Crime
In September 2011, Other Crime was divided into 6 categories - Drugs, Public Disorder & Weapons (which was later split further and so is not displayed here), Criminal Damage & Arson (CD&A), Theft - Shoplifting, Theft-Other and Other.

Criminal Damage and Arson
Theft - Shoplifting
Theft - Other
Miscelanious Other

From May 2013, the following changes were made to the crime categories:
I) The violent crime category was renamed "violence and sexual offences"
2) A new category for "bicycle theft" was created which previously fell within "other theft"
3) A new category for "theft from the person" was created which previously fell within "other theft"
4) Public disorder and weapons were then split into two new categories; "public order" and "possession of weapons"
5) Both "other firearms offences" and "other knives offences" which were in "other crime" were moved into "possession of weapons".

Bike Theft
Theft From the Person
Possession of Weapons
Public Order

Police Ranks

April 2015

Police Community Support Officer717
Police Constable363
Special Constable19

29 Neighbourhoods

April 2015

1Bolton Central44,958
2Bolton North133,728
3Bolton South98,100
4Bury North87,731
5Bury South97,329
9Manchester Airport1,186,154
10Manchester City20,206
11Manchester East78,868
12Manchester North99,922
13Oldham Borough137,582
14Oldham Central87,315
15Rochdale East73,816
16Rochdale North63,265
17Rochdale South74,618
18Salford East88,402
19Salford West145,531
20Stockport East104,959
21Stockport North70,170
22Stockport West108,146
23Tameside North104,972
24Tameside South114,352
25Trafford North96,784
26Trafford South129,794
27Wigan East157,812
28Wigan West160,037

Police Stations

As reported by the API in April 2015. Note: The API data for police stations is very incomplete.

 AddressPost CodeNeighbourhoods
111 Garratt Way  API data incompleteM18 8HE0
23 Church Street  API data incompleteBL4 8AG2
3511 Oldham Road  API data incompleteM35 9AB0
4Barn Street  API data incompleteOL1 1LR4
5Barrington Road  API data incompleteWA14 1HZ0
6Bell Crescent  API data incompleteM11 3BA0
7Bootle Street  API data incompleteM2 5GU2
8Bridge Street  API data incompleteBL0 9AB2
9Broadgate  API data incomplete0L9 9XA0
10Bury New RoadM45 8QN0
11Buxton RoadSK7 6AP2
12Campbell StreetSK5 6XD2
13Central ParkM40 5BP0
14Charles Halle Road Moss SideM15 6NP0
15Chorley RoadM27 6BA2
16Crofts BanK RoadM41 0UB2
17Crompton WayBL1 8UN2
18Dunster RoadBL9 0RD0
19Elizabeth Slinger RoadM20 2ES0
20Fairfax RoadM25 1AS0
21Grindlow SteetM13 0LL0
22Hardy StreetM30 7NB0
23High StreetOL3 6BD0
24Lee StreetSK1 3DR2
25Manchester Road EastM38 9WH0
26Moston Lane HarpurheyM9 4HU0
27Plant Hill Road Higher BlackleyM9 8LU2
28Poundswick LaneM22 9PQ0
29Radcliffe StreetOL2 6RB0
30Railway StreetM26 3AA0
31Rochdale Road CollyhurstM4 4JA2
32Scholey StBL2 1HX2
33Spectrum WaySK3 0SA0
34Talbot RoadM32 0UX2
35Tatton PlaceM33 7ED0

Note: If the Police.UK API data is incomplete (indicated above, if applicable) the Police station may not show on this map:
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