The EPC has made every effort to ensure accurate reporting of the public crime data. However, the source government data occasionally does have errors and it's possible that our data cleaning is not 100% perfect - we work all the time to improve it and feed back these errors to the source. Please refer to our Problems with the Data page and FAQ page for more information. That being so, we are confident that UKCrimeStats is the most informative and accurate free to view website there is for crime data. And please note that the information and statistics displayed on this site are for information purposes only and may be subject to change. The location of crimes shown on the maps is approximated and indicative only. This is to protect the anonymity of individuals.

Where does your data come from?

Each month Police.uk release the underlying data typically just over a month after the calendar close of a given month. So data for July 2015 would typically become available at the beginning of September 2015. We then check it and update it to UKCrimeStats and inform the Home Office of any errors we find.
The price paid data comes from the Land Registry and is updated once a month, usually a bit sooner than the crime data. It is much more subject to revision and the latest month is typically incomplete.
We have published our raw crime data here which matches 100% to www.ukcrimestats.com. Occasionally, we go back and refresh for updated content but we also publish a record of previous data files.
In order to produce Constituency maps, heat maps and other general crime maps on UKCrimeStats it's important for us to overlay the crime data on top of a Google Map.
Data Updates
In some cases, data on this site has been regenerated based on newer downloads from police.uk. For these months the raw data from the original calculations or previous updates can be selected. The date given is for when we revised our own data and not necessarily when the data was released.
Note that the original data for March-December 2013 was lost due to server issues, and police.uk does not provide access to older datasets. We recently updated December 2010 to December 2012.

Raw Data files

To download any of these raw data files covering every month and Police Force back to December 2010, as often as you want, become a member.