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Kent Police   

Phone: 01622 690 690
Population: 1,797,713

Kent Police is working with local councils to deal with crime and anti-social behaviour where you live.
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ASBBurglaryRobberyVehicleViolentDrugsCD&AShopliftingBike TheftTheft From the PersonOther TheftWeaponsPublic OrderOtherTotal
Nov 20143,5421,015809322,6372521,449946142791,1854021011412,623
Oct 20144,233922878792,7182751,489938189841,2704623613113,497
Sep 20144,413958978792,6812221,493927186881,3604425110313,702
Aug 20145,0121,006867412,6592421,5161,034217801,3702923211214,336
Jul 20145,3141,081808712,7903011,621995195951,4613525422815,321
Jun 20144,6771,127701,0092,7742491,564943208801,3873725913714,521
May 20144,4661,122889372,6302681,538948185961,3884527712814,116
Apr 20144,3051,149708952,3992821,620937160951,334372559913,637
Mar 20143,9701,162677982,2723461,6689451381031,3123318710413,105
Feb 20143,1401,078897092,1293041,380880105771,029451998311,247
Jan 20143,2821,1791168782,2793041,374881104891,1594423110512,025
Dec 20133,2041,210837752,3573381,4957901591351,207302379612,116
Nov 20133,5371,198949202,3213411,439936172931,1673326612712,644
Oct 20134,0571,289919402,4493351,457861205611,3093328613413,507
Sep 20134,3051,119869112,5583051,533886202791,3445127912113,779
Aug 20135,8901,1741058032,4163371,542885185621,405442709715,215
Jul 20135,7831,126847242,3902981,570910162711,4564524910014,968
Jun 20134,7751,166938231,9313541,436813161591,266302189913,224
May 20134,5601,160798341,8723721,419908122741,255431888612,972
Apr 20134,398942477591,3713111,2558011,10818322011,395
Mar 20134,0441,179918461,7153431,3988351,13021222912,022
Feb 20133,5661,106757941,4193271,3258841,09718320010,976
Jan 20134,5191,362938921,6593431,3848131,11119927112,646
Dec 20123,7411,146978721,8863481,4678431,16818932812,085
Nov 20124,0541,281691,0081,6073991,5289601,34219825612,702
Oct 20124,3701,183708541,6133231,5328331,32923125512,593
Sep 20124,7161,081828041,7132981,3667931,34821326412,678
Aug 20126,355965657351,8643341,3918251,36626024414,404
Jul 20126,0171,018668151,7313341,3987441,45921825714,057
Jun 20125,4271,009596901,5662491,3177651,37522524012,922
May 20125,782997648001,6232531,4247871,37522523213,562
Apr 20124,750933647381,4392441,3917441,38617829312,160
Mar 20125,564971918101,6325111,5887801,53121430413,996
Feb 20125,250948876781,3192851,3007801,20519025212,294
Jan 20124,7921,081947251,4582721,4617451,30716638512,486
Dec 20114,5191,033827641,4212811,4907471,31918342112,260
Nov 20114,5871,0491057841,3662571,4088181,46515746412,460
Oct 20115,8581,073787941,5353011,6278381,64018042214,346
Sep 20115,604903787531,5492501,5507181,71020744113,763
Aug 20116,835955768271,7005,41715,810
Jul 20116,757969697741,8105,58815,967
Jun 20115,799950757521,5755,18814,339
May 20115,7941,035728841,6855,55615,026
Apr 20116,359974609311,8035,33915,466
Mar 20116,0471,081788791,5265,04114,652
Feb 20115,124924498711,4094,57112,948
Jan 20115,003922619821,4674,53312,968
Dec 20105,263803658411,5534,05512,580

The Economic Policy Centre has made every effort in order to ensure that the data for UkCrimeStats is accurate and up to date. However, we are aware of certain deficiencies in this data which are beyond our control. That's because as a 3rd party developer, we do not collect the data, the Police do who then hand it over to another data company to release to 3rd party developers such as ourselves. We only download and analyse it so that you can use it. For full detail of these deficiencies, please read here.

Crime Plus ASB Breakdown for Kent Police

Crime Breakdown (Dec 2010-Nov 2014)
Crime Rate Trends

Crime Type and ASB Charts for Kent Police

All Crime + ASB
All Crime (No ASB)
Anti-Social Behaviour
Vehicle Crime
Violent Crime
In September 2011, Other Crime was divided into 6 categories - Drugs, Public Disorder & Weapons (which was later split further and so is not displayed here), Criminal Damage & Arson (CD&A), Theft - Shoplifting, Theft-Other and Other.

Criminal Damage and Arson
Theft - Shoplifting
Theft - Other
Miscelanious Other

From May 2013, the following changes were made to the crime categories:
I) The violent crime category was renamed "violence and sexual offences"
2) A new category for "bicycle theft" was created which previously fell within "other theft"
3) A new category for "theft from the person" was created which previously fell within "other theft"
4) Public disorder and weapons were then split into two new categories; "public order" and "possession of weapons"
5) Both "other firearms offences" and "other knives offences" which were in "other crime" were moved into "possession of weapons".

Bike Theft
Theft From the Person
Possession of Weapons
Public Order

Police Ranks

November 2014

Police Community Support Officer274
Police Constable4
Temporary Inspector1
Detective Inspector1

305 Neighbourhoods

November 2014

1Ashford - Aylesford Green2,748
2Ashford - Beaver5,795
3Ashford - Biddenden2,588
4Ashford - Bockhanger2,444
5Ashford - Boughton Aluph And Eastwell3,210
6Ashford - Bybrook2,678
7Ashford - Charing2,465
8Ashford - Downs North2,339
9Ashford - Downs West2,461
10Ashford - Godinton5,616
11Ashford - Great Chart With Singleton North3,035
12Ashford - Highfield2,537
13Ashford - Isle Of Oxney2,606
14Ashford - Kennington2,275
15Ashford - Little Burton Farm3,021
16Ashford - Norman2,817
17Ashford - North Willesborough4,994
18Ashford - Park Farm North3,465
19Ashford - Park Farm South2,334
20Ashford - Rolvenden And Tenterden West2,408
21Ashford - Saxon Shore5,084
22Ashford - Singleton South2,689
23Ashford - South Willesborough3,336
24Ashford - St. Michaels2,387
25Ashford - Stanhope3,172
26Ashford - Stour5,360
27Ashford - Tenterden North2,166
28Ashford - Tenterden South2,303
29Ashford - Victoria5,534
30Ashford - Washford3,180
31Ashford - Weald Central4,739
32Ashford - Weald East1,996
33Ashford - Weald North2,326
34Ashford - Weald South5,022
35Ashford - Wye2,384
36Canterbury - Barham Downs2,659
37Canterbury - Barton9,979
38Canterbury - Blean Forest6,916
39Canterbury - Chartham And Stone Street5,835
40Canterbury - Chestfield And Swalecliffe8,380
41Canterbury - Gorrell6,115
42Canterbury - Greenhill And Eddington6,029
43Canterbury - Harbledown2,576
44Canterbury - Harbour5,641
45Canterbury - Herne And Broomfield8,153
46Canterbury - Heron8,765
47Canterbury - Little Stour2,657
48Canterbury - Marshside3,229
49Canterbury - North Nailbourne2,721
50Canterbury - Northgate7,088
51Canterbury - Reculver8,741
52Canterbury - Seasalter7,900
53Canterbury - St. Stephens10,623
54Canterbury - Sturry North2,774
55Canterbury - Sturry South2,955
56Canterbury - Tankerton4,684
57Canterbury - West Bay6,372
58Canterbury - Westgate9,965
59Canterbury - Wincheap8,992
60Dartford - Bean And Darenth5,736
61Dartford - Bluewater9,000
62Dartford - Brent6,527
63Dartford - Castle1,965
64Dartford - Greenhithe5,635
65Dartford - Heath6,301
66Dartford - Joyce Green4,143
67Dartford - Joydens Wood6,811
68Dartford - Littlebrook4,371
69Dartford - Longfield, New Barn And Southfleet6,293
70Dartford - Newtown7,045
71Dartford - Princes6,193
72Dartford - Stone6,242
73Dartford - Sutton-at-Hone And Hawley4,191
74Dartford - Swanscombe7,057
75Dartford - Town3,887
76Dartford - West Hill5,795
77Dartford - Wilmington3,778
78Dover - Aylesham4,778
79Dover - Buckland7,216
80Dover - Capel-le-Ferne2,317
81Dover - Castle2,027
82Dover - Eastry5,179
83Dover - Eythorne And Shepherdswell4,581
84Dover - Little Stour And Ashstone6,862
85Dover - Lydden And Temple Ewell2,301
86Dover - Maxton, Elms Vale And Priory7,028
87Dover - Middle Deal And Sholden7,411
88Dover - Mill Hill7,574
89Dover - North Deal6,940
90Dover - Ringwould1,944
91Dover - River4,458
92Dover - Sandwich6,860
93Dover - St. Margaret's-at-Cliffe5,537
94Dover - St. Radigunds4,902
95Dover - Tower Hamlets5,167
96Dover - Town And Pier2,118
97Dover - Walmer7,199
98Dover - Whitfield4,464
99Gravesham - Central5,016
100Gravesham - Chalk2,119
101Gravesham - Coldharbour4,892
102Gravesham - Higham3,975
103Gravesham - Istead Rise3,454
104Gravesham - Meopham North4,155
105Gravesham - Meopham South And Vigo4,411
106Gravesham - Northfleet North7,615
107Gravesham - Northfleet South6,937
108Gravesham - Painters Ash5,997
109Gravesham - Pelham1,726
110Gravesham - Riverside7,306
111Gravesham - Riverview4,403
112Gravesham - Shorne, Cobham And Luddesdown4,187
113Gravesham - Singlewell7,172
114Gravesham - Westcourt6,922
115Gravesham - Whitehill4,382
116Gravesham - Woodlands6,458
117Maidstone - Allington7,110
118Maidstone - Barming2,305
119Maidstone - Bearsted8,187
120Maidstone - Boughton Monchelsea And Chart Sutton2,551
121Maidstone - Boxley8,420
122Maidstone - Bridge5,287
123Maidstone - Coxheath And Hunton6,841
124Maidstone - Detling And Thurnham2,919
125Maidstone - Downswood And Otham2,783
126Maidstone - East8,099
127Maidstone - Fant8,057
128Maidstone - Harrietsham And Lenham5,434
129Maidstone - Headcorn4,902
130Maidstone - Heath5,956
131Maidstone - High Street8,289
132Maidstone - Leeds2,224
133Maidstone - Loose2,238
134Maidstone - Marden And Yalding7,897
135Maidstone - North8,403
136Maidstone - North Downs2,462
137Maidstone - Park Wood4,801
138Maidstone - Shepway North8,769
139Maidstone - Shepway South5,493
140Maidstone - South7,399
141Maidstone - Staplehurst5,813
142Maidstone - Sutton Valence And Langley2,726
143Medway - Chatham Central15,475
144Medway - Cuxton And Halling5,430
145Medway - Gillingham North15,363
146Medway - Gillingham South16,031
147Medway - Hempstead And Wigmore8,125
148Medway - Lordswood And Capstone9,201
149Medway - Luton And Wayfield13,624
150Medway - Peninsula12,934
151Medway - Princes Park10,260
152Medway - Rainham Central12,549
153Medway - Rainham North8,533
154Medway - Rainham South13,275
155Medway - River8,537
156Medway - Rochester East9,643
157Medway - Rochester South And Horsted12,429
158Medway - Rochester West10,291
159Medway - Strood North13,036
160Medway - Strood Rural13,578
161Medway - Strood South13,851
162Medway - Twydall12,921
163Medway - Walderslade9,361
164Medway - Watling9,086
165Sevenoaks - Ash6,400
166Sevenoaks - Brasted, Chevening And Sundridge6,231
167Sevenoaks - Cowden And Hever2,072
168Sevenoaks - Crockenhill And Well Hill1,866
169Sevenoaks - Dunton Green And Riverhead4,935
170Sevenoaks - Edenbridge North And East4,509
171Sevenoaks - Edenbridge South And West4,253
172Sevenoaks - Eynsford1,847
173Sevenoaks - Farningham, Horton Kirby And South Darenth4,500
174Sevenoaks - Fawkham And West Kingsdown6,185
175Sevenoaks - Halstead, Knockholt And Badgers Mount3,470
176Sevenoaks - Hartley And Hodsoll Street6,068
177Sevenoaks - Hextable4,348
178Sevenoaks - Kemsing4,255
179Sevenoaks - Leigh And Chiddingstone Causeway2,228
180Sevenoaks - Otford And Shoreham4,507
181Sevenoaks - Penshurst, Fordcombe And Chiddingstone2,475
182Sevenoaks - Seal And Weald4,113
183Sevenoaks - Sevenoaks Eastern4,101
184Sevenoaks - Sevenoaks Kippington4,750
185Sevenoaks - Sevenoaks Northern4,397
186Sevenoaks - Sevenoaks Town And St. John's6,129
187Sevenoaks - Swanley Christchurch And Swanley Village5,723
188Sevenoaks - Swanley St. Mary's4,646
189Sevenoaks - Swanley White Oak6,283
190Sevenoaks - Westerham And Crockham Hill4,445
191Shepway - Dymchurch And St. Mary's Bay6,206
192Shepway - Elham And Stelling Minnis2,065
193Shepway - Folkestone Cheriton7,636
194Shepway - Folkestone East4,635
195Shepway - Folkestone Harbour5,047
196Shepway - Folkestone Harvey Central4,839
197Shepway - Folkestone Harvey West4,027
198Shepway - Folkestone Morehall4,397
199Shepway - Folkestone Park5,925
200Shepway - Folkestone Sandgate4,543
201Shepway - Hythe Central5,651
202Shepway - Hythe East4,104
203Shepway - Hythe West4,281
204Shepway - Lydd6,246
205Shepway - Lympne And Stanford1,987
206Shepway - New Romney Coast3,432
207Shepway - New Romney Town3,592
208Shepway - North Downs East7,636
209Shepway - North Downs West4,219
210Shepway - Romney Marsh2,279
211Shepway - Tolsford2,011
212Swale - Abbey5,130
213Swale - Borden2,467
214Swale - Boughton And Courtenay5,534
215Swale - Chalkwell5,256
216Swale - Davington Priory2,705
217Swale - East Downs2,813
218Swale - Grove7,068
219Swale - Hartlip, Newington And Upchurch5,933
220Swale - Iwade And Lower Halstow4,116
221Swale - Kemsley7,236
222Swale - Leysdown And Warden3,129
223Swale - Milton Regis5,074
224Swale - Minster Cliffs7,330
225Swale - Murston5,471
226Swale - Queenborough And Halfway7,643
227Swale - Roman5,010
228Swale - Sheerness East5,793
229Swale - Sheerness West6,023
230Swale - Sheppey Central9,421
231Swale - St. Ann's5,299
232Swale - St. Michaels5,289
233Swale - Teynham And Lynsted5,232
234Swale - Watling5,340
235Swale - West Downs2,689
236Swale - Woodstock4,908
237Thanet - Beacon4,598
238Thanet - Birchington North3,710
239Thanet - Birchington South6,347
240Thanet - Bradstowe3,970
241Thanet - Central Harbour7,519
242Thanet - Cliffsend And Pegwell4,680
243Thanet - Cliftonville East6,275
244Thanet - Cliftonville West7,608
245Thanet - Dane Valley8,160
246Thanet - Eastcliff7,285
247Thanet - Garlinge4,725
248Thanet - Kingsgate2,055
249Thanet - Margate Central4,735
250Thanet - Nethercourt4,376
251Thanet - Newington5,150
252Thanet - Northwood6,639
253Thanet - Salmestone5,278
254Thanet - Sir Moses Montefiore5,396
255Thanet - St. Peters6,974
256Thanet - Thanet Villages6,474
257Thanet - Viking7,150
258Thanet - Westbrook4,088
259Thanet - Westgate-on-Sea6,671
260Tonbridge And Malling - Aylesford5,042
261Tonbridge And Malling - Blue Bell Hill And Walderslade4,163
262Tonbridge And Malling - Borough Green And Long Mill6,891
263Tonbridge And Malling - Burham, Eccles And Wouldham4,352
264Tonbridge And Malling - Cage Green4,041
265Tonbridge And Malling - Castle5,095
266Tonbridge And Malling - Ditton4,956
267Tonbridge And Malling - Downs3,561
268Tonbridge And Malling - East Malling4,885
269Tonbridge And Malling - East Peckham And Golden Green3,830
270Tonbridge And Malling - Hadlow, Mereworth And West Peckham4,441
271Tonbridge And Malling - Higham6,067
272Tonbridge And Malling - Hildenborough4,816
273Tonbridge And Malling - Ightham2,083
274Tonbridge And Malling - Judd4,758
275Tonbridge And Malling - Kings Hill6,704
276Tonbridge And Malling - Larkfield North4,350
277Tonbridge And Malling - Larkfield South4,080
278Tonbridge And Malling - Medway4,703
279Tonbridge And Malling - Snodland East4,111
280Tonbridge And Malling - Snodland West5,534
281Tonbridge And Malling - Trench4,088
282Tonbridge And Malling - Vauxhall4,981
283Tonbridge And Malling - Wateringbury2,078
284Tonbridge And Malling - West Malling And Leybourne5,625
285Tonbridge And Malling - Wrotham1,914
286Tunbridge Wells - Benenden And Cranbrook7,715
287Tunbridge Wells - Brenchley And Horsmonden4,957
288Tunbridge Wells - Broadwater4,172
289Tunbridge Wells - Capel2,446
290Tunbridge Wells - Culverden6,922
291Tunbridge Wells - Frittenden And Sissinghurst2,164
292Tunbridge Wells - Goudhurst And Lamberhurst4,726
293Tunbridge Wells - Hawkhurst And Sandhurst5,987
294Tunbridge Wells - Paddock Wood East4,143
295Tunbridge Wells - Paddock Wood West4,066
296Tunbridge Wells - Pantiles And St. Mark's6,393
297Tunbridge Wells - Park6,919
298Tunbridge Wells - Pembury5,893
299Tunbridge Wells - Rusthall4,744
300Tunbridge Wells - Sherwood6,720
301Tunbridge Wells - Southborough And High Brooms7,285
302Tunbridge Wells - Southborough North3,995
303Tunbridge Wells - Speldhurst And Bidborough5,989
304Tunbridge Wells - St. James'5,196
305Tunbridge Wells - St. John's6,932

Police Stations

As reported by the API in November 2014. Note: The API data for police stations is very incomplete.

 AddressPost CodeNeighbourhoods
11 Pembury Road TonbridgeTN9 2HS26
2Argyle Road SevenoaksTN13 1HG30
3Bouverie House Bouverie Road West FolkestoneCT20 2SG42
4Central Avenue SittingbourneME10 4NR37
5Crescent Road Tunbridge WellsTN1 2LU20
6Fort Hill MargateCT9 1HL23
7Ladywell DoverCT16 1DJ42
8Old Dover Road CanterburyCT1 3JQ24
9Palace Avenue MaidstoneME15 6NF48
10Purser Way GillinghamME7 1NE36
11Thames Way Northfleet GravesendDA11 8BD64
12Tufton Street AshfordTN23 1BT70

Note: If the Police.UK API data is incomplete (indicated above, if applicable) the Police station may not show on this map:
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