Please give us your feedback on the website and the data . . .

We’re always very keen to have feedback,  both good and bad, from the Public and the Police so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The easiest way is to email us on

From the start we decided to be very open with errors and shortcomings in the data, and your feedback has helped us to correct these both in the API from and occasionally on our own side.

All in all, please understand that when such a huge dataset comes under public scrutiny like this, mistakes will be found and feathers will be ruffled !

That is the whole point of making it public, because external pressure is created to make it more accurate. Thanks to our complaints and those of other 3rd party developers, your observations and those of others, we have noticed an improvement in the quality of the data each month and we feel sure, that over time, as it settles down, this will continue. We’ll also be doing another Decoding The Crime Data report for the 6 month period for Dec 2010 – May 2011 after the data is released that takes the improved data and knowledge into account.

Perfection is our goal. So thanks again to everyone who has been in touch with suggestions, comments and observations – long may they continue !

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