December 2011 data going live this Sunday

Thanks for your patience – this month we had to add another 100,000 snap points rather than a few thousand and we had a number of new capabilities that needed testing – it’s all very time-consuming. So apologies for the delay but we hope you will feel it was worth the wait. What is coming;

  1. New areas to see crime around. We’ve added a massive increase of places where you can see what crime is like in a radius or defined boundaries around them. Including Subdivisions like County Councils, County Wards etc. all the way to Welsh Assembly Constituencies. Then we’ve broken down crime and ASB by postcode district (that’s the first half of your postcode), put in 50,000 education establishments, all train stations, London tube stations, even bus stops !
  2. New analysis function. For the first time, you will be able to easily see which Police Force, etc. had the biggest increase/decrease between 2 specific points of time – by percentage or by total
  3. Exportable results. There are over 5,000 neighbourhoods and around 2,400 postcode districts – you can export them all to excel and slice and dice the data to your heart’s content.
  4. National crime heatmap – anywhere you want. You will be able to type in your postcode and generate a heatmap for a selected radius anywhere in England and Wales.

One specific capability – the analysis page – means that we spot errors very quickly in the source data which is not the same as our representation of the data which we are confident is correct. data is not perfect and the earliest data was generally the least accurate. Please refer to this post to understand this point further.

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