January 2015 updated and Postcode Data Generator Upgrades

We recently ran the January 2015 update and found one really odd bit;

http://www.ukcrimestats.com/Neighbourhood/5948 – this neighbourhood in Wales where crime went from a monthly average of 1 to 340 !

We are confident that the data as released says this, as it does on police.uk¬†http://www.police.uk/north-wales/GSW09/ but it’s either wrong or there was a major event there that I’m unaware of. So if anyone knows, please email us and let us know and we will publish an update.

Secondly, we have just done some exciting upgrades to the Postcode Data Generator.

Now you can match postcodes to Workplace Zones and 1 mile radius counts of crimes from a postcode centroid. Take a look at it here


Workplace Zones arguably are in some ways better than Lower Layer Super Output Areas as they are smaller and there are more of them, about 50,000 compared to 34,000.



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