Some of the features of our property price database

We will shortly have May 2015 data uploaded for property prices. One of the things we’ve noticed by the way with property data is the latest month is always incomplete – see here . Basically, the latest month is always less than 50% complete. And the previous few months are often heavily revised, the earlier data is much more stable. So we are taking our time to make sure that it is correct.

In the meantime, we’re quite excited about the new capabilities we can offer subscribers, here’s just one;

1. the ability to see across the whole of England and Wales, which subdivision, postcode district/sector, LSOA or MSOA, had the greatest increase/decrease in either total value of sales or average price or even maximum or minimum price between two selected time points of all types of properties or filtered according to property type?

You can also export the data too so you can get a very clear national snapshot based on price paid data.

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