Another very strange month – crime and property prices

April 2020 represents the first full month of lockdown and the stand out difference is that reported ASB incidents are actually double the previous monthly record at 220k. On top of that, a new monthly low for burglary and shoplifting (hardly surprising) and a dramatic fall in “Theft from the person”. See the full range of figures here in our National Picture page.

Now look at property prices paid for the month of April – important caveat, these prices are typically not up to date, only 50% complete when released. There were actually no completed transactions reported for Detached or Semi-Detached homes in the whole of England and Wales. In fact, the number of Sales was just 7, when we might usually expect 70,000.

Like everyone else, I am wondering how this will all end up when we come out of this – seems hard to imagine that everything will revert to how it was before.

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