Which Police Forces are missing which monthly crime data?

We have decided to give this a separate page for you to keep track of it here https://www.ukcrimestats.com/docs/missing_data.html .

We have the longest history of data here – going back to December 2010 which is no longer available from data.police.uk . So some of it like missing ASB from Wiltshire Police in March 2011 is never going to appear.

The really big concern remains Greater Manchester Police who have not reported downloadable crime data to the public since July 2019. They are having a lot trouble replacing 3 legacy IT systems according to a letter I received from Baroness Beverley Hughes, who is the Deputy Mayor responsible for Police and Crime in Manchester. But I can’t understand why it’s taking them so long. Externally, it has all the hallmarks of a Public Sector IT disaster, with ticking clock IT contractors with little incentive to get the job finished. It seems unlikely that at the start, they expected this to result in 18 months of no public data?

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