Scottish Crime Data – what’s available?

A lot of people ask us about Scottish crime data. It exists, but unlike with England, Wales and NI, it’s much less detailed and only available on an annual basis, every few years. Here you can compare side by side;

AttributesScotlandRest of UK
FrequencyAnnual last 2017/18Monthly back to 2011
AccuracyMatched to datazone onlySemi-anonymised lat/longs, +/- up to 400 metres, matchable to all shapes
Type of crimeOnly 1 generic category14 categories including ASB
Police Forces1 – Police Scotland43 – excluding British Transport Police

So what this basically means is that you can’t compare crime in Scotland with the rest of the UK because it’s a very different dataset. However, what we can and do do, is to match all Scottish postcodes to inside their relevant datazones – of which there are 6,976 with a population fo 500-1000 – so that when you type in your postcode, you can compare crime between datazones using a postcode as the starting point, so long as you are not comparing postcodes in the same datazone. This also means it is possible to give each Scottish postcode a percentile ranking, but also compare datazones by total crime, crime rate, crime per hectare and crime rate per hectare which you can do on UKCrimeStats.

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