UKCrimeStats updated with July data and Police Station upgrades

A special thanks again to our Chief Data Architect for working over the Bank Holiday weekend to get the latest batch of crime data uploaded. released the data on Friday 26th August in the morning and it has been live on this site since yesterday morning. Like all the other 3rd party developers, we never know when it’s going to be released and it’s actually a very difficult, time-consuming process  – so we are most grateful.

We also have a new upgrade to report (and always plenty more in the works);

Police Stations

From this link, you will see that where we have complete data from the API, you can see how many Police Stations each Force has, click on the relevant Police Force, and see where their Police Stations are on a map.  As you will see, for a number of Police Forces this data is incomplete and so we are unable to show where any Police Stations are for Wiltshire Police for example.  We need full address and long/lat details to show Police Station locations and much of this data needs cleaning up.  So if you are a Policeman/woman and know that we are missing Police Stations that you work in, please chase this up within your own Force’s IT department and ask them to check;

i) What is uploaded to Crimemapper – i.e. how many Police Stations you have

ii) What is uploaded to the api – i.e. are all the relevant details in the correct fields there?

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